Who are we?

EVSbirdwatchers is a blog created by Isaac and Gabriele, two EVS Volunteers who left France and Italy to land on the beautiful Lithuanian Baltic shoreline.
In this space we’ll tell our eight months experience in Pajūrio Regional Park through articles, pictures, videos, art, poetry and whatever will be necessary to transmit the feeling of being in Karklė: a bunch of houses in the woods, a lonely straight road, a forest and the greatness of the Sea.

We’re not real bloggers, but we’ll still try to create a “good blogas”, even if lithuanian people can understand the contradiction between these two words.

We’ll live, we’ll help, we’ll explore, maybe we’ll also get lost, just to find ourselves again. We still don’t know what will happen. But we have eight months to discover it, to face it, to describe it.

And, most of all, to feel it.



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