Pajūrio Regional Park

The office of Pajūrio Regional Park is located on the territory of Karklė, a small town of 112 people (last census in 2001). In Lithuania Karklė is mainly known for its summer music festival, which is the most important of the country.



IMG_4285 The park extends on 15 kilometers, with 5000 hectares of sea and land, mainly composed by forest, but also lakes. The park equally extends on the Baltic Shoreline.

 The park has some regulated areas, that means that you must obtain a special authorization for different kinds of activities, like building, hunting, driving vehicles… etc. There is also a restricted area, where nature is left to grow without man’s interference.

The main goal for the employees and the volunteers of the park is to watch and to take care of the protection of this natural and cultural space, which hosts a fauna and an heritage that’s important to preserve.

Become friend on facebook with Pajūrio Regioninis Parkas, and be informed everyday about the activities and the nature!

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