EVS Project

Said very briefly, EVS (European Voluntary Service) is a European Commission’s project, part of the Erasmus + Programme, who allows European people to work as a volunteer in another country’s organization or public authority (schools, parks, libraries, NGO… ) for a period between 3 weeks and 12 months. There are no specific requirements for the candidates, they just have to be young (17-30 years old) and motivated. If you possess these two qualities, all you have to do is to search for the project that fits for you, send the application and cross your fingers. There are so many projects that if you are determined to participate, you’ll definitely will.


The volunteers will be followed through the entire EVS period by a sending organization (usually in the volunteer’s country) and a receiving organization, and in some cases also a coordinating organization, that will mediate between the two parts: the European Commission, through the receiving organization, will refund the travel costs and will guarantee food, accommodation and a pocket money for the entire volunteering period. In other words, it’s a chance to learn new things, to open your horizons and to live a working experience in a different country with a different culture, and maybe to come back home more conscious, with new skills and new ideas. You won’t earn money, but you won’t have to pay for anything!

In our case, the sending organizations are Ligue de l’enseignement des Côtes d’Armor from France and JOINT from Italy, and the receiving organization is the lithuanian Deineta. Our project will last eight months, from the 4th of march 2015 to the 5th of november 2015.

The world is wide, and the opportunities are many, if you know where to find them. Check the EVS Database for new projects, or search for the sending organization closer to you!

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