Promenade in the Curonian Spit

Last week we went with our mentor and a lithuanian volunteer to this 98 km long island inscribed in the UNESCO. Curonian Spit has the particularity to be between territory of Russia and Lituania. map spit

We took a Ferry boat in Klaipeda that can also carry cars and  bikes,  it only takes 10 minutes to reach the island.

After this little crossing we started walking in a pine forest on a hilly trail very suitable for bikes.

There were also some students from Turkey,  Azerbaijan  and Russia with us. We talked a bit to know each other. Continue reading

Bird houses cleaning

Birds are coming back, bringing the spring with them: we can see it because the sky is starting to be populated by geometrical and elegant flights; we still can barely recognize some of the species, but our ecologist is always ready to explain us what we’re looking at.untitled-2726The birds Continue reading