That feeling that you either have it or you don’t

Here I propose another great song of the italian artist Franco Battiato, that talks about a strange need that some people have: a need that’ll make them keep moving, and moving, from destination to destination, because they can survive only spreading themselves in the world.

Many people have left their hometown, many people travel. But how many really feel like this?


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A song from a genius

Few people can transmit the harmony of nature with music like the italian wiseman/master/artist/thinker/songwriter Franco Battiato. His music and lyrics can find a unique mix between philosophy, science, religion, poetry, electronic, pop and orchestra, for a result that’s always amazing; sometimes trippy, sometimes relaxing, sometimes both.

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Welcome to Twin Peaks

When we arrived in Karklė was a saturday evening, and the first thing I noticed were the tall trees that surrounded the road, and the lonely houses who looked lost and forgotten by a disappeared mankind. Just later I realized that there was actually nobody: not a soul watching outside a window, not a car on the street. Just me, Isaac and the silence; and maybe, with some imagination, the sound of the Baltic Sea singing behind the forest.


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