Paint, gintaras and dead fish

Last friday we’ve been to Būtingės geomorfologinis draustinis (geomorphological path of Būtingės), a territory administered by the park close to the border with Latvia; actually in front of the border: our task was to paint some wooden signs for the visitors nature path.


After leaving the main road we drove for few kilometers of nowhere, stopping the car sometimes to watch some birds and a very quick deer. The weather was so good that the green of the vegetation was glowing under the blue sky, while our Caddy was jumping on the dusty road delighting our ears with the music from its radio.




When we finally reached the border with Latvia, we found out that there was no border at all: only a lonely wooden pole was signaling that the beach in front of us belonged to another country. This is the beauty of European Union, despite all its flaws: a clean landscape that doesn’t look like nobody’s property, because, if you think about it in a wider scale, actually it’s not.


simonasAfter taking some pictures and playing like children, staying between the two countries or crossing that invisible line, we took a walk on the beach: we were the first on a long time, because this is a protected area interdicted to cars. The day before there had been a storm, so the shoreline was filled with pieces of wood, algae and dead fish: the perfect scenario for finding amber!

And in the end we’ve been rewarded: I found my first piece of the precious yellowy material, and what a piece! It’s the biggest one that has ever been found in the park. Delight your eyes with the view of my treasure:




And this is a picture of the complete loot of all of us, taken by Simonas (a better photographer with better tools):


After all this fun we remembered we went there with a work to do; so we came back to the Caddy and we took paint and brushes, and we started painting the signals with white and red colors: a nice job – I love the smell of the paint – for concluding a very nice journey.


Now my trousers are still a bit white and red, and my hands needed more than a wash to come back to normal, but all I have to do is look at my precious piece of amber on the shelf, in my room, and I suddenly don’t care.


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