Promenade in the Curonian Spit

Last week we went with our mentor and a lithuanian volunteer to this 98 km long island inscribed in the UNESCO. Curonian Spit has the particularity to be between territory of Russia and Lituania. map spit

We took a Ferry boat in Klaipeda that can also carry cars and  bikes,  it only takes 10 minutes to reach the island.

After this little crossing we started walking in a pine forest on a hilly trail very suitable for bikes.

There were also some students from Turkey,  Azerbaijan  and Russia with us. We talked a bit to know each other.


Afterwards we finally arrived to the Nothern part of the Island on the seaside. This beach is so long that we couldn’t even see the end, the sea was peaceful and our shoes were making this strange noise in contact with this sand.

Two hours later we decided to do a break to refresh with tea and nibble some sandwiches. Our mentor shown us the little pieces of amber he has found, “that’s the beginning of the wealth!”, he said 🙂

It was getting darker so we went back Klaipeda to enjoy a lithuanian beer with the best burgers of this town !

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