Cleaning the trash of the park makes Gabriele a dull boy

IMG_4583In the last hour me and Isaac went outside to clean the surroundings of the visitor center, and I’m still asking to myself how there could be so much trash in such a small place: we filled four black bags with bottles, cans, cigarettes, balloons, fireworks, condoms, towels, old papers, plastic, broken glass, snacks’ empty bags, and the list could go on and on, but I’m too disappointed with mankind to continue. The trash was so melted in the middle of the swamp that I can’t figure out how could anybody get so deep in the mud just to leave it there.


We had to get in there to take out as much shit as we could, but we finished the bags before we finished the job: I like to do this kind of stuff, not because I find it entertaining (of course) but ’cause I feel it necessary. Mankind behaves in a stupid and unconscious way, so stupid and unconscious that sometimes I think that we should be already extinct. I know that one day nature will regulate itself again, and the thousand of years without us will delete every track we left, but meanwhile I want to leave an open question:

How can we define ourselves an intelligent species if we don’t take care of the planet who hosts us – which is not ours, because we share it with many other creatures, most of all existing looooong before our arrogant minds started to pollute and ruin our common home, which we keep seeing as our own property?

Think about it.


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