Bird houses cleaning

Birds are coming back, bringing the spring with them: we can see it because the sky is starting to be populated by geometrical and elegant flights; we still can barely recognize some of the species, but our ecologist is always ready to explain us what we’re looking at.untitled-2726The birds are coming, and the birds need new houses to nest, because the trees of the forests are too young and strong for their beaks. That’s a well spread european problem: we cut all the old trees, which were more friable, and for the birds was easier to dig their houses inside. Now the wooden small houses you can see in the pictures are a surrogate of what nature used to provide before the man started to bend her to his will.

untitled-2728-2untitled-2706So that’s what we had to do: climb on the trees (and try not to fall breaking our legs), take the bird houses down, open them with a screw driver and then take the old nests out. Every house had a different kind of nest, for a different kind of bird.

In one of those we found a missed attempt to make a wasp hive: I’ve been really happy that the wasps gave up much time ago, because I was on the tree happily shaking the house, and that would have been a really deadly surprise.untitled-2735

Then we had to wash the wooden houses with boiling water to kill the bacterias, and finally we could fasten the covers again, re climb on the trees and leave the houses ready for a new season: when the birds will finally arrive, during their migration, they’ll find clean houses to nest and to protect their babies.

It was an useful work, but also one of those tasks that you can’t believe are a real job: so my assignment is to climb on these trees? Really? When do I begin???

Once again, I feel I’m in the right place.


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